• Album Release: A Little Bliss by Catling Rebeck Soundpost

    Album Release: A Little Bliss by Catling Rebeck Soundpost

    The Objects At Rest music project known as “Catling Rebeck Soundpost” has released an EP titled “A Little Bliss”. The EP contains new arrangements of traditional music from American hymnist Philip Paul Bliss. Listen to music by Catling Rebeck Soundpost at the following sites: TRACK LISTING Thanks to Joe Gilder and the Home Studio Corner…

  • RAGNAROK: An Animatic Previsualization (2008)

    Watch on Vimeo Synopsis: On the eve of Ragnarok, Odin reflects on the deeds of his life and consults with Mimir about the fate of the world before heading to battle. This is the animatic created in 2008 for my stopmotion animation titled “RAGNAROK”. Running Time: Approximately 7 minutes 18 seconds Format: NTSC, Widescreen, Color,…

  • Halloween Project 2014 – Work in progress

    Production still from a project that I’m working on. If all goes well then at least part of it will be ready for Halloween 2014.

  • ESCHATON: Acts I and II

    Watch on Vimeo Act I: And there shall shine a star which they will call a comet, baleful sign of sword and death. Title: ESCHATON: Act I Running Time: Approx. 3 minutes Format: NTSC, Widescreen / Letterbox, Color Language: n/a Audio: Stereo/Mono Genres: Animation, Stop Motion, Experimental Location: Atlanta, GA, U.S.A. Completed: December 2012 Act…

  • ESCHATON Act II Post-Production Underway

    ESCHATON (Act II) is now in post-production sound effects editing and music scoring. Watch ESCHATON (Act I) on Vimeo.