Camera Dolly – Test Shots

I tried out the dolly and confirmed that the current tripod mount is unstable…although I kind of like the uneven quality of the movement. I’ll probably try to mount the whole track on something more stable.

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5 responses to “Camera Dolly – Test Shots”

  1. super cool !!!


  2. Looks great (except I’m confused as to who made it and owns the copyright.)

    I like the hand-held look! And those trees… you haven’t mentioned that cool project!

  3. thanks riggity and shelley. more project info to come as things develop.

  4. Whoah! Cool! Grant, you’ve created the “Handheld Dolly”!

  5. Thanks Strider. It does sort of look like a handheld walking shot. I still need to try it on a stable base though and see if it was the tripod instability or something related to the track…or both.