Category: Video

  • Animation Timing Test

    A 12 frames per second animation test. I animated various objects to a music track set to 100 beats per minute. This test was used to determine how many frames were needed to move objects at various speeds and also keep those objects in time to with the music.

  • Lincoln: An Unrealized Experimental Animation


    Lincoln, my unrealized experimental animation.

    • Synopsis: The supernatural trial and judgement of John Wilkes Booth for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
    • Running Time: 3:42
    • Format: NTSC, 1.77:1, Black & White
    • Audio: Mono
    • Genres: Animation, Computer Animation, Experimental
    • Location: Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.
    • Producer, Writer, Director: Grant Goans
    • Music: Grant Goans (Variations on “Dixie” by Daniel Decatur Emmett)
    • Completed: May 2009
    • Background: Lincoln was animated in 2002 as a CGI experimental project. It never coalesced into something satisfactory for me. The idea was to merge the alleged supernatural interests of Mary Todd Lincoln with a trial (set as a play in the hereafter) for the assassination of Lincoln. In 2009, I composed variations of the song Dixie (supposedly one of Lincoln’s favorite songs) and assembled this edit. – G. Goans 2011

  • Mirror Selected for the Stop Motion Montreal Film Festival

    I am happy to announce that Mirror has been selected for the Stop Motion Montreal festival.


  • VICTUAL 2 has been posted

    My experiment with clay continues. VICTUAL 2 is now on Vimeo.