Vitruvius: Various Footage (Jan. Update)

The following links play very short clips of footage from the Vitruvius project. The files are Quicktime movies at 320×240 resolution.

icon Unfurled
icon Writing Book IV
icon The Orders of Antiquity
icon The Books of Architecture

More to come as filming continues.

13 responses to “Vitruvius: Various Footage (Jan. Update)”

  1. excellent!
    professional all the way, music titles, clip
    I like where this is going so far.

  2. Ditto. Why do you specify the books clip as both test AND “production” footage? Does production footage mean something to be used in the final? Thanks.

  3. I mis-read that, same question tho, why test and “preview”? And where did you find the music clip? Do you use a needle drop (stock) source?

  4. Ditto again to the “professional” comment…sheesh, Grant, your test clips look better than many of my finished films! Yee-gads! Can’t wait to see some character animations…

  5. Thanks everybody. The music is from Sony Acid loops royalty free classical series. I used it on my last film. That music may or may not be in this film. It’s mainly a placeholder for now.

    Shelley, half the book clip is real and the other half has already changed. The orders clip is just as volatile. The phrase is for the series and the title card is re-usable to last the entire production. I may change the title card to distance that phrase from the name of the clip.

  6. OK, wow. (Took me a long time to get around to watching these.) …I’m wondering how you did the rotating columns? A wire attached to the top, which you then erased out in post?

  7. Nice new still/Gif animation on your banner, Grant. Your work looks highly watchable and beautifully detailed.

  8. @Sven. The columns are supported from the bottom by a stick of balsa wood and then removed in photoshop. I’m thinking I’ll take some pics of the rig since it is easier to show than to explain in text.

    @Shelley. Thanks. I was playing with Flash and made the banner. Glad you can see it…I wasn’t sure how compatible it would be worldwide.

  9. Damn, Grant, you’re so good I can’t even hate you. Excellent animation on the writing clip. Well done. What’s the idea of the film? What are we going to come away with?

  10. @shelley

    Thanks. I haven’t yet distilled a description of the film into a short summary but maybe now would be a good time to start drafting something. When the film is done I will need something to describe it for various venues. So here goes a first draft…subject to change, as usual, during filming and post-production.

    The film is an experimental fantasy where I am, once again, mashing-up various symbols within unhinged relationships similar in ways to Man Drawing a Reclining Woman. The numerical value of 5 plays a pivotal role.

    Whatever “story” there is involves Sebastiano Serlio who embarks on writing his books of architecture. He soon begins to channel the spirit of Marcus Vitruvius Pollio in a feverish dreamscape with the help of Rhea and Cronus.

  11. Very nice stuff man!

    I am impressed by the texture of your films…..and clips. Unique and high level of quality.


  12. Thank you Justin. I added your blog to my reading list. Your character designs and behind the scenes content are top notch.