• RIFF: VITRVVIVS at the Rome International Film Festival

    VITRVVIVS screened during the Experimental Block at the 2009 Rome Georgia International Film Festival on September 11, 2009 at 11pm. I estimate that between 20 and 30 people attended the block. Many thanks to those that came out to see and support the experimental films at the festival. The live-action-stop-motion film cycle.break. by Stephanie Shadden was also shown in the Experimental Block and it picked up the award for best Experimental Film and it was well deserved. Congrats Stephanie!

    Mythic Journeys won the award for best American Documentary and…Mythic Journeys features the animation talents of Michael Granberry!

  • VITRVVIVS World Premier at RIFF 2009


    VITRVVIVS will be screening at the Rome (GA) International Film Festival on Friday, September 11, 2009 at 11pm. It is part of the experimental block…and a nominee for that category!  I am humbled and excited that they selected my film.

    It looks like Mythic Journeys is also playing (and a nominee for american documentary) which includes animation by Michael Granberry!

  • VITRVVIVS Time Spent in Post-Production

    While backing up my VITRVVIVS files I reflected on my Sony Vegas file naming convention. The file names are listed below to illustrate the incremental numbering for each session so I can rollback if something goes wrong:


    What this means is, with the date modified system info as well as my file naming convention, I can tell approiximately how many “editing sessions” I did for VITRVVIVS. And the grand total is…

    42 sessions in 17 days

    That makes sense when I think about it since I would probably start a session early one day, save it with the new number, then at the end of the day save the changes with the next sequential number. The time period was from July through September 2008 spread out over evenings and weekends.

    I then checked my After Effects files which use the same convention VIT-EDIT-FX-SHOTS-##.aep

    And the result is…

    20 After Effects sessions in 13 days

    So, post-production took approximately 2 weeks of After Effects color correction, color grading, composting, and effects and about 2 weeks of final editing and sound mixing in Sony Vegas…spread out over 3 or 4 months.

  • That’s a wrap! VITRVVIVS is done.


    Festival Entry Specifications
    Title: VITRVVIVS
    Running Time: Approximately 17 min 35 sec
    Language: Esperanto
    Subtitles: English
    Date Completed: September 2008

    Now that the film is completed I am burning DVDs to send to a few festivals. I have plans for a future official DVD release which will have a 16×9 presentation and Digital Audio Surround in addition to the letterbox/stereo festival version. I’m going to look through all my accumulated content for possible extras on the disc.

    Thanks to all of you that have visited this blog since I started it way back in March 2006. I appreciate all of your comments and words of encouragement. Once I get the VITRVVIVS section of my site up and running I’ll post another update.

  • View the Vitruvius video…sort of

    I captured my editor workspace tonight and this is what it looks like. That’s the whole film across the top…about 17 minutes at this point but that may change.

    I think screen caps of editing workspaces from other animators would be interesting. I may have to check flickr to see if there is a pool for that sort of thing.