Vitruvius Update Revisited: Secondary Set Development



Update to my update. I’m playing around with a desk, chair, and props for the puppet.

The secondary set is almost done. It is a minimal and basic set for the Serlio character which is also being modified a little. I need to make a desk so he can write his books properly. He may also need a beard depending on what I find during some more research. I’ve seen one depiction of Palladio with a beard so I may extrapolate that style for my Serlio.

I’ve been busy working with my Nikon DSLR and trying out Stop Motion Pro and Stop Motion Maker Advance software. I’ve also begun shooting some initial footage to test various aspects of the film such as rig-removal in Photoshop and post-processing in Sony Vegas.

9 responses to “Vitruvius Update Revisited: Secondary Set Development”

  1. Man, it just keeps getting better! I love the way this is looking. I think it’s going to be a big step forward from Man Drawing (as good as that was).

  2. Looking fantastic, Grant. I also like the way you approach your films. You seem so calm and methodical about it, like you aren’t even breaking a sweat over trying new things.

  3. You know, I’m starting to HATE GRANT now too!

  4. Thanks D and S.

    In a way, trying new things is part of the process for me. Being responsive to the way the puppets start to interact with the sets and props is, for me, one of the true creative acts during actual animating. Letting my characters improvise on the set a bit to see if anything bigger than I had anticipated would emerge has become a routine.

    Doing pre-production test animations is a good place for that improvisation since I am primarily testing lighting, composition, and also the mechanics of the puppet. However, during those test animations the puppets can be animated in ways that are free from the constraints of the initial ideas for a shot. They may be animated doing something that has nothing to do with the film or interacting with props in ways that are not intended according to the outline of the project (ie. script). Sometimes new ideas will stick and change the way the film will go because the improvised actions provide stronger visuals or new actions that support the themes or flow of the film.

  5. UPDATE on the compliments:

    Fantastic, thanks for sharing that, about the improvisation you embrace as part of your project’s development.

    And the new props look really great too.

    Sony Vegas? Gotta GO Google–

  6. Thanks for linking. Now I know why I hadn’t heard of it, I’m strictly a Mac-kerel. Looks good tho.

  7. Looks great, I love the little scroll props!

    Yeah, Vegas rocks, its what I have. Tons of customizable effects, unlimited tracks, and its easy to use πŸ™‚

  8. Wow Grant this set, props and puppets are looking great. Nice choice for the background illustration, the perspective really gives the set depth – simple but effective. You have chosen some interesting historical figures, can’t wait to see what you are up to story wise.