That’s a wrap! VITRVVIVS is done.


Festival Entry Specifications
Running Time: Approximately 17 min 35 sec
Language: Esperanto
Subtitles: English
Date Completed: September 2008

Now that the film is completed I am burning DVDs to send to a few festivals. I have plans for a future official DVD release which will have a 16×9 presentation and Digital Audio Surround in addition to the letterbox/stereo festival version. I’m going to look through all my accumulated content for possible extras on the disc.

Thanks to all of you that have visited this blog since I started it way back in March 2006. I appreciate all of your comments and words of encouragement. Once I get the VITRVVIVS section of my site up and running I’ll post another update.

7 responses to “That’s a wrap! VITRVVIVS is done.”

  1. Serious Congratulations, Grant. 17:35 with Digital Audio Surround, holy cow! Looking forward to the reveal!

  2. Fan-fucking-tastic! Congrats my man! Can’t wait to see it. Maybe we can hold a special Workshop meeting/screening?

  3. Congratulations dood!!!!!!!!!!

    Your a pro !


  4. WOW! I am so excited to hear it’s done!

    Now, where’s the little sidebar link that lets me pre-order a copy….?


  5. Thank you Shelley, Karl, Justin, and Sven.

    Karl, what do you think about you, Masuda, Curfman and I doing a stopmo night at a future workshop?

  6. Awesome! Congrats, cant wait to see it! Good luck with the festival rounds…