Curtain Test Video: Updated

Update. I did another test tonight and got the motion smoothed out. This is more of the effect I was aiming to achieve.


Here is my original post and first test:
Another test clip. I am finishing the assembly of the stage curtain and wanted to see how it would animate. The answer…not as smooth as I would like. But at least I got to test some lighting, framing, and curtain behaviors to adjust for the real shoot.


8 responses to “Curtain Test Video: Updated”

  1. It might actually look better in this case to not animate it – just shoot live action of it opening and maybe speed it up or manipulate it somehow.

    Anyway, it’ doesn’t look bad really, maybe you could pull it off animated. I’m sure you’ll come up with something fantastic!

  2. yeah man!

    I thought it was cool…..but thats a great idea!
    live action filming would look just fine mixed in.

    you could probably even take out every other frame or somthing….to make it seem more stop motionie.


  3. thanks strider and justin. i really want the stopmo aesthetic going on with the curtain movement though. plus i’m going to have some character motion and dimmer lighting on the final shot so it’s just easier to film the whole 4 or 5 second shot at one go. i think i got the method worked out with my updated test clip.

  4. looks really cool man!

    I like it…..charming.


  5. I like it. My only comment would be to make the movement slower. Those heavy stage curtains almost creep open sometimes

    well done!

  6. thanks riggity and shelley.
    @mark, thanks and yes, i think i need to slow it down a little bit more. i’ll be making smaller movements of the thread that pull the curtain when i do a test with the light dimmer.

  7. justin rasch Avatar
    justin rasch

    refining refining!