Vitruvius Update

Vitruvius is still being edited in between other activities (including prep work for the next project). I actually find taking time away from a project to be good because when you view it again after weeks or months of absence you can view it fresh and sometimes differently. As I recall, it was almost a whole year between shooting Man Drawing a Reclining Woman and final editing with sound. In any case, here is a short clip from the work-in-progress. The sound track is the isolated music track since the foley and dialogue tracks are still being worked out.

View Vitruvius Clip – Work in Progress

7 responses to “Vitruvius Update”

  1. Neato! Love your style of art, Grant.

  2. Excellent! I especially like the shot of Vitty standing behind the – um – architectural element and it casting a shadow onto him.

  3. Looking good Grant, lighting, sets, puppets, sound, just great!

  4. Very cool, and sort of creepy 🙂 I love the long, panning shot…great job on sculpting/weathering the stone, I’m about to do some of that myself with the big Unearthed setpiece, though I’m going for a whiter, marblesque look….

  5. Thanks for the compliments everyone!

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