Vitruvius: Quick Update

I have all but finished the filming for Vitruvius except for some pick-up shots. There is one more sequence to shoot and then I’ll be taking a break during most of July and August before starting post-production.

During the fall I’ll begin editing and working on post-production effects as well as revisiting the audio portions of the project (ie. music, sound effects, and dialogue).

Here are some production stills from the past few weeks of filming.


6 responses to “Vitruvius: Quick Update”

  1. Holy smokes! You’ve been holding out on us!

    It’s hard to know where to begin… About how long is the film as it stands? How have the new armature designs worked out? Will we get to see any more of the “behind the scenes, making of” at this point?

  2. Hey Sven. I haven’t compiled all the footage since my last post but it’s probably about 15 minutes so far. I still have some post/fx footage to get together.

    My armatures of wire and epoxy and have been ok but I’m not a fan of locking the wire inside a skin anymore. The little armatures broke very easily and one of the arms broke on the Serlio puppet. I’ll probably move on to a different armature design that allows for replacement limbs and a bigger scale in the future. Working with 9″ puppets makes for some jerky movements. I’ll be putting together more info in the future.

  3. Alriiight!!! awesome!

    another cool short.

    You really produce alot of high quality stuff man…..cant wait to see it.


  4. Congrats, Grant. Looks like another Goans Masterpiece.

  5. Thank you Jriggity and Shelley.

    It is (will be) an experimental film to say the least so I do not anticipate that it will have the rich character and “soul” that I’m looking forward to seeing in your films. However, when Vitruvius is finished, I hope you will find something in it that inspires you.

    I’m about at the halfway point in the whole production. My blogging may be quite minimal through July and August but I suspect that once I get into the PC for final editing and sound work then it will be more convenient to post things.

  6. You already inspire me, Grant, with how you marshal your films. How organized you are. How you take care of bid’nez and get your films done by gum. By the throughline of artistic style in alll your pieces. By how you make thoughtful stories that mean something to you.