Updated: Pre-Visualization and Choreography With Flash

I spent [another] hour with Macromedia/Adobe Flash tonight to experiment with animation timing and choreography of multiple objects. The result is the clip you see above. I used motion tweens to smooth everything out and added rotation to the objects to make the movement more dynamic. View the first version which was has very rough motion.

The idea is to work out a sequence ahead of time and to know when to move each object or character throughout that sequence when there are multiple things going on. I can see some benefit to this especially if I had a second computer running the Flash file for frame by frame reference. The Flash document settings for this clip are set at 24fps [originally it was 15fps which is what I am currently shooting at but I may move to 24p] so theoretically I could advance it one frame at a time and use it as a guide for taking each shot with the digital camera. I suppose this would be some kind of “action assist” for multiple movements to supplement the more common video assist and gauges for visual placement.

2 responses to “Updated: Pre-Visualization and Choreography With Flash”

  1. Dude, who ARE you? You just made a full animation that you can use as an “action assist” for a 3D prop animation… that’s just hateful to the rest of us, man.

    You’ve got me thinking about how you don’t run a Mac, and how you always make real progress on your work. How you taught yourself Flash overnight and how everything you do looks polished and professional… Fess up, do you miss your home planet at all?

  2. Great idea, it would be enormously helpful to have that set up on another monitor…