Updated: Applied Flash-based Choreography

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I used the Flash pre-visualization test (see previous post) to assist with a very short test using my actual set and objects. I printed out the Flash movie as a series of small thumbnails on 8.5″ x 11″ paper. I then used the printed sheets of individual frames for visual reference when animating the objects, very similar to a storyboard.


This is a small sample of the actual prints which take about 3 sheets of paper. I also wrote notes on the paper such as the tops of the objects and rotation heading so I could keep track of which way to move things with each shot. I discovered I needed to do that in the middle of shooting when I forgot which way something should be turning!

4 responses to “Updated: Applied Flash-based Choreography”

  1. Grant, this kicks @#$ss, well done, even the titles look professional. When you printed out, did you make your self a B/W flip book to test the animation, wait no, I guess you already knew what it ran like from the Flash. Did you print multiple frames on a sheet, like a story board?

    I guess I’ll have to wait to read your details later!

  2. Thanks. I’ll be posting more info soon but it amounts to a story board.

  3. Man, that is scha-WEET!!!

  4. Very nice! Can’t wait for more… Very crisp and clean. Very Quayesque even down to the focus, zooms and music!

    Good Work!