A Day in the Life…Move Puppet, Click, Repeat


Forty years ago today Sgt. Pepper was released. My favorite tracks are Getting Better, Lovely Rita, and A Day in the Life. The album is going to be on repeat as my background music when I work on Vitruvius later today. I think Justin and Shel may put videos on in the background when animating. I prefer the tunes. What is your background media of choice when you animate?

P.S. I’ve been busy getting through about 9 minutes of footage since my last post. I’m about half way through now. Must…keep…animating.

7 responses to “A Day in the Life…Move Puppet, Click, Repeat”

  1. IM STUNNED!!!!!!!!!!!

    9 minuets…..my goodness!!!!!!!!

    thats just plain incredible!


    I cant wait to see it….

    definately movies for me….I listen to music sometimes too…..but a light hearted show keeps me going into the late better than music.

    Shel doesnt animate to anything….but I would guess music would be her pick.


  2. thanks riggity. a lot of the footage is coverage (reaction shots, wide shots, face shots) for editing purposes later. but at least i’m marking shots off the list slowly but surely.

  3. 9 minutes??? Man, you make me friggin’ sick! 🙂

    I set my IPod to shuffle and let the ghost in the machine decide my listening fate. So far today:

    13th Floor Elevators
    Cypress Hill
    David Bowie
    Asian Dub Foundation

    I’m sure my Beatles Discog is in there somewhere.

    Hopefully catch ya tonight!

  4. Holy long playing record Batman – 9 minutes!

    Wow Grant, you have been stacking up the footage.
    Looking forward to seeing it.

    Sgt Pepper is a classic, I just listened to it all the way through last weekend (after seeing all the news items about it.)- still holds up after all these years. “Day it the life” wins out for me.

  5. Hey G-man! I tend to just leave the TV on. Generally after a while there are no decent shows on anymore, so I end up listening to a lot of infomercials. Blah, but then, if there’s a good movie on I get distracted too easliy. Unless of course it’s one I’ve seen a hundred times. Though sometimes I’ll put on a DVD and let it repeat.

    So who else is pissed off about Paris Hilton??!!!

  6. Ok, she’s back. the world is right again.

  7. I can’t stand listening to any music, ever. Hate it. I have an am radio tuned to am talk radio or npr all day whatever I’m doing. I’m thinking in the future about grooving to a playlist of art or lit pod casts.

    Glad you are animating, Grant. Can’t wait to see.