Project: Vitruvius and Pre-production Prototyping

I have been working with wire, Sculpey, and liquid latex to test armatures for my main character. I’ve also begun to try some animation tests to see how my armature will behave during production. Here is the first picture of my prototype character with costume.


Vitruvius Project History (draft version while I revisit my notes to catch up):

  • 2006 May: Character design and construction
  • 2006 April and May: Camera and software research
  • 2006 March and April: Set design and construction
  • 2006 March: Objects at Rest studio and web site open
  • 2006 March: Vitruvius project moves into pre-production
  • 2006 January – March: Exploration of wire armatures and character tests
  • *2006 January – March: Durer project in post production and completion
  • 2005 – 2006: Durer project in production and general stopmotion explorations
  • 2005 March: Story and Concept Development Revisited as StopMo project
  • *2004 – 2005: Other projects in production, Vitruvius on hold
  • 2003 July: Story and Concept Development Second Draft
  • 2002 – 2003: CGI development and CGI storyboarding
  • 2002 April through September: Original Story, Concept Development, Content Research