Business Cards: The MOO Solution

I needed to get some business cards to hand out at various times and decided to try the Flickr / Moo option. I have a Flickr site and read the specifications for sizing photos as Moo cards and made 10 card designs in Photoshop. I got the Moo 100 card pack for approximately $20 and it took about 10 days to arrive from the UK. The cards come in a little plastic holder which is nice. Click the photo below to see a larger version for more detail.


The cards turned out well and the paper is heavier than regular photo paper. They feel solid like a typical business card and have a matte/satin photo on one side and my name, email, and web site link on the back. I think the price and the ability to custom design up to 100 different types of cards is worthwhile.

The one thing I would do differently next time is to adjust the photos to make the images and text contrast more. For example, I used grey instead of pure white for the text on the photo and the grey at that size is a little difficult to read. However, they turned out great and should work just fine for my current purposes.

4 responses to “Business Cards: The MOO Solution”

  1. Those look great Grant.

    Do you know if they can do more than one color on the back side?

    Thanks for another great idea.

  2. It appears that they only provide a white back but you can choose from several colors for the text. All the text would be the same color though. It can also include your Flickr avatar image if you have one. I chose a simple black and white layout and left space to the side to write on if needed.

  3. Great tip and a good buy. Thanks.

  4. I Love the MOO! Everyone is making gsuch great looking cards with them–it’s huge!! Great idea to use them with type on the front for film projects!