Another Video Test for the 2008 Project

7 responses to “Another Video Test for the 2008 Project”

  1. SO cool! Details on how you achieved the fire effect, if you’re talking! Love the stove! And the pupp! You moving to Berlin?

  2. Schweet!! You’re getting me jazzed, man…..’cept, you’re gonna make me have to translate that text, aren’t you? So be it….

    …wazzatt, Latin?

  3. Ok, no luck translating…my translator doesn’t speak Goanese 🙂

  4. Oh yeah, the way the ‘witch’ fades in? EXCELLENT!

  5. Ooh. Sweeney Todd filmed in reverse order. 😀

  6. Thanks everyone. The fire effect is frame by frame painting in photoshop (smudge tool and blur as I recall, with some glow thrown in when editing). The textual content is Esperanto, quickly and possibly poorly constructed, but which I am choosing to experiment with for several reasons.

  7. excellent and full of flavor man!