Armature Test Clip 2

I did another test tonight. I am thinking that this armature is a bit unstable and has some spring to it compared to a wire armature secured with epoxy putty. I may have to make an epoxy version of the same proportions and try similar tests to confirm which is more stable for movement.


With this armature, when you move any limbs or the head the torso starts trying to move with it and then springs back. The epoxy armatures for Vitruvius and Damocles felt more solid in that respect.

5 responses to “Armature Test Clip 2”

  1. cool man! you manage to make a cool little test with a bunch of atmosphere..

    nicely done.


  2. Man, your “tests” look better than a lot of finished shorts. Do you think the spring is due to the plastic tubing components or the move from two twist wire to a single strand? Could you move to larger tubing in order to support twisted pair? The concept of being able to replace just an arm or leg if it snaps seems too good to abandon.

  3. thanks karl and justin. the spring may be from the untwisted strands. or from the segmented approach and the plastic and screws are allowing some give instead of holding tight. i’m still thinking about making an epoxy version and animate them both at the same time to verify which has a more solid feel.

  4. That test looked better than the Czech animations from the Film Board in Canada I used to watch late at night as a kid.

  5. thank you shelley.