Camera Dolly 2008

Recently I read some information about camera rigs and the concepts found in model railroad designs inspired me. So, I browsed the “orange” home improvement store and found some items to build a dolly over the weekend.

All photos are on the Flickr site (click the photo to see them). You can probably get the idea from the pics without further description but post a comment if you have any particular questions and I can upate the info.


Pros: It seems to work pretty good.

Cons: The tripod mount is too unstable and results in camera shake. Putting the rig on a firm stand should do the trick.

A test video is coming soon.

4 responses to “Camera Dolly 2008”

  1. Very very cool, Grant. Something like this would be great if it could bring the camera into the set too!

  2. Cool! Camera movement comes to OaR Studio!

    You might want to mount the camera on a geared tripod head like the Manfrotto 410 to get in all those subtle moves and help keep it aimed where it needs to be as it’s moving.

  3. Ok, now I see you’ve got one!

  4. Thanks Shelley and Strider.