A Little Bliss EP

Album Release: A Little Bliss by Catling Rebeck Soundpost

The Objects At Rest music project known as “Catling Rebeck Soundpost” has released an EP titled “A Little Bliss”. The EP contains new arrangements of traditional music from American hymnist Philip Paul Bliss.

Listen to music by Catling Rebeck Soundpost at the following sites:


  1. Cut it Down (P. P. Bliss ca. 1868)
  2. Lora Vale (P. P. Bliss ca. 1864)
  3. Let the Lower Lights Be Burning (P. P. Bliss ca. 1871)
  4. He Knows (Music by P. P. Bliss ca. 1876, Lyrics by M. G. Brainard ca. 1869)
  5. For Me! (P. P Bliss ca. 1872 )

Thanks to Joe Gilder and the Home Studio Corner VIP community members that released EPs in the fall of 2022 for their support and feedback.

Original Music and Lyrics by P. P. Bliss
“He Knows” Lyrics by Mary G. Brainard
All Songs Arranged and Performed by Grant Goans
Produced, Mixed and Mastered by Grant Goans
Album art by Grant Goans

Recorded: July 2022 to October 2022 at Objects At Rest Studios in Atlanta, GA USA.