Index Card Exercise (Follow Up to Starewicz Post)

Ok, so I’m done with the exercise. Here is a photo of the final board.


I forgot to mention in the previous post to work the exercise quickly…do not over analyze anything…it’s more stream of consciousness in that respect I suppose. Just go with the ideas that come to mind as disjointed as they may be at the time. Make cards at the moment a visual strikes you, regardless of where you are in the exercise, and post it anywhere on the board.

Before this exercise I had some loose notes and thumbnails of my next project…but I was unsure of the final act. I always like to solidify the final scenes of the movie before I start any filming so I know the direction I’m going. Sometimes the end can change when you are filming but at that point the production is moving so changes become more or less justified by what you see developing. This exercise paid off by giving me a complete skeleton to hang the production on and move on to the next step which will most likely be animatics to confirm how the concepts are holding up in the video medium.

When positioning my cards some visuals were indicative of breaks or pauses which seem to equate with acts so I moved the cards around…sort of like paragraphs or sentences. Once I got the main visuals on the board I started filling in with other scenes like mortar between bricks. I also stopped to ask questions about what happens at this point or that point…and somehow (this is the beauty of being in a creative zone – I have no explanation for this type of stuff but if you’ve experienced it you know what a charge it can be) some new ideas came out of nowhere and tied up the ending.

If my theory hold up it looks like the film may be around 5 minutes, not that it matters, it will be as long as it wants to be…the film is in control now. 😎

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  1. Really nice, Grant. Thanks for describing this further.

  2. Cool beans dood!