That’s A Wrap – 24 Days, 4 Puppets, and 3 Sets Equals a 6 Minute Short

My second stopmotion film, “The Sword of Damocles”, is now complete. The date on my three page draft outline for Damocles reads November 25, 2006. I posted my intention of doing the Damocles project for StopMoShorts on November 28th (see previous post). It is now midnight December 19th and I have finished encoding the QuickTime file for submission to the StopMoShorts site. [Although, I am having a bit of a problem uploading it to StopMoShorts tonight which kind of concerns me.]

It was quite an exercise and I learned a lot of little things that should help me with other projects including Vitruvius. I also, think I got a little carried away as the film ended up being just over 6 minutes long. I plan to post more info about the production of the film after the holidays and new year’s activities. I also plan to revisit the footage to render a DVD resolution and HD resolution version for future use.

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  1. *…jaw on floor…*


    You did that fast! –And it’s 6 minutes?? Holy cow!!

  2. Excellent job Grant!!! And never fear, the film is now successfully uploaded. I can hardly wait!

    And hey, now that this StopMoShorts thing is just about over, maybe some-o-youse bloggin’ types will start bloggin’ again?!?!??? ; )

  3. Not that I can talk, but I do so miss the bloggin’….I think things are about to heat up though….new year new focus 🙂

    Congrats man!! 6 minutes in 24 days is quite extraordinary….can’t wait to see it….

  4. WHAT!!!!!

    6 MIN????

    thats my whole film.I cannot wait to see what you have created. Congradulations!

    MAJOR accomplishment.

    jriggity / justin

  5. I’m priviledged to have already seen an advance screening of it, and let me tell you – you folks’re in for a treat! Grant’s artistry is so excellent it’s easy to forget he’s basically still a beginner. The backgrounds in particular are just awesome!

  6. Thanks everyone. Strider helped me out with getting the file uploaded to the site and stuff. I’ll be back to blog more later.

  7. What’s this? On time, under budget and 6 minutes long! I want to cry. Well actually it’s not just on time it’s early!

    Congrad’s Grant – can’t wait to see it and hear about what you learned during the process.

  8. Whompf! That’s efficient. I’m sure it will be beautiful and rich in historical accuracy and technical detail!

    As for being a “Beginner”… little story: I have a friend who asked me whether he should get a computer and learn graphic design like I was doing. I gave him my “hell yeah” speech about Mac’s and the New World Order. Well, the guy sits down at his first sessions with Photoshop, 11 years ago now, and proceeds to create 11 illustrations of angels that were not only truly fine artwork, but all carried the same exact style or signature look about them.

    I was dumbfounded. I asked him bewildered how he was able, without a single day of art education or computer experience, to not only make art good enough to sell (which he continues to do as a line of cards) but that had such a strong consistent resemblance between each piece. Artists in the past would have to work for decades to achieve their own look.

    He said that was before, under the law, now, we live under grace.

  9. @ Shelley. Thanks. Actually, it isn’t a direct re-telling of the story and part of the film alludes to that aspect in an experimental sort of way. It’s similar to my goals for Vitruvius in that I’m experimenting with taking a story but not animating it “on-the-nose”. Instead my attempt is to use the story as a catalyst or reference point which drives another story or possibly some sort of chaotic mix to see what happens. It may be like mixing foreign materials with paint and smearing the concoction on a canvas to see how the two substances conflict or resonate. Anyway, here is the synopsis.

    “A court jester considers re-interpreting the Sword of Damocles legend in order to please his King’s need for a good story.”

    @ Everyone. Hope you are all having a great holiday season and have a happy new year’s. I’m going to be busy for the next week or so but hope to get some blog posts up soon about the project. I appreciate everyone’s words of support and wish you all success with your creative projects in 2007.


  10. Grant, that sounds very exciting! I can’t wait to see it!!!
    Your fan for always, Shelley

  11. Hey Justin —

    When’s that blank webpage of yours going to turn into a blog?


  12. Hah! Yeah, the jBloggity… that would be awesome!

  13. Ha!

    I have a blog guys.

    I posted it a few weeks ago.


  14. Congrats Grant! I can’t wait to see it.


  15. Whoah! Don’t know how I missed that Justin! I just added you to my stopmo blogger links. Glad to see you on the blog trail!