RE: Pop-thru Animation Technique Posted by Sven

Sven posted some intriguing ideas about utilizing pop-thru in a project as the actual method of animating for stopmotion. The idea appeals to me especially in terms of time. Wanting to see what it felt like to I threw my character on the stage and tried some poses and here is the result. The total time was about 30 minutes from setting the puppet in front of the camera, transfer of image files, color grading, editing, and rendering out the edited frame sequence from Vegas…in short it was fast. I have other thoughts to post about this later in the week or possibly the weekend.

Click to view the MOV test file.

3 responses to “RE: Pop-thru Animation Technique Posted by Sven”

  1. OK….. THAT rocks!!!

  2. dang dood…..Droppin that science into reality!

    nicely done. It is a cool little flavor you captured there.


  3. Thank you strider and riggity!