StopMo Community Roundup for July 2006

A growing number of stop motion animators are using services like blogger, wordpress, or moveabletype to run their webs sites. As such, the sites are usually accompanied by a web feed (RSS feed) which allows people to subscribe and keep up with new postings without having to surf around the web all day. It makes it possible to assemble a personal newspaper with the latest updates from the things you want to follow.

I usually keep up with stop motion information via web feeds (aka RSS feeds) and Bloglines as opposed to surfing and clicking around on the web. It saves a lot of time and needless clicking around and I can keep up with what’s going on.

In my Bloglines reader I have a handful of sites such as Darkmatters, Ubatuber, Notes from Halfland, Scarlet Letters, AnimateClay, and Red Hatchet Films. Sites such as these offer fairly regular postings with updates occurring either many times a week or at least something each month. I would love to see the sites from Nick, Lio, and offer web feeds. If they have feeds then either they aren’t advertising them or making them easily discoverable or I’m missing something.

Big thanks to Jeffrey and Shelley for sending some very nice gifts. I got a limited edition woodcut print from the “Jenny Greenteeth” project.


I also have a collectible button for the “Halfland” project.


Other animators are also getting into the online store venture with items available from Phil Dale and Mike Brent. There’s probably more out there. I wonder if there is some way to compile a directory of stopmotion shopping somewhere to see all this merchandise at one location.

Tennessee Reid continues to post various animations he finds on the web. Mike Brent also continues to add to his collection of top-notch animation clips with some recent work by Suzie Templeton. Mike has also posted some info and a sample of the importance of music to film/animation. A lot of films are making their way onto places like YouTube which illustrates how the web can help expose people to work they might never see or consider in the first place. Michael, at Red Hatchet Films, has also put some of his work online and is using a service where, apparently, he gets compensated financially if viewers click the ad at the end of the film. He has started a series called Dredd Manor which looks promising. His film, A Winter’s Tale, is also really good. I particularly like the way each scene is viewed through the windows of the house like little vignettes.

Jeffrey’s film, Jenny Greenteeth continues to develop and his site is one of the more consistent production blogs with many behind the scenes photos and information about his film posted fairly regularly. Shelley’s Halfland project is also unfolding with recent work in set design. Sven at Scarlet Letters has posted some excellent information regarding metal armature creation and also posted animation tests worth checking out. Leevi continues to upload scenes from his HarmoniCa project. I notice some missing scene numbers so he is either shooting out of order or holding them offline until the day we may get to see the complete work. In any case it just gets better and better with every clip he releases.

Lastly, my film Man Drawing… has been submitted to a handful of film festivals but no word yet on acceptance. My Vitruvius project continues with June and July activities consisting of building the secondary stage, more puppet costume work, lighting and camera tests, and framegrabbing software tests. I’ve also started running some test animations for compositing tests and choreography of motion.

10 responses to “StopMo Community Roundup for July 2006”

  1. Hey, Grant, thanks so much for this round-up of stop motion action around the web. I’m truly honored to have been included in this list. It is a bold new day for filmmaking and art and I’m relishing every moment, for as l-o-n-g as it lasts.

    Can’t wait to see more of your progress shots for Vitruvius.

    And I look forward to checking out the sites I hadn’t heard of that you mention above.


  2. This is lovely and… Important. It is a very good thing to write down history as it occurs. (Not necessarily in the sense of History, capital H — just whatever the events are…)

    I’m printing this out. Thank you for capturing in digital ink what’s going on right now.

  3. Thanks for the post! I agree with Sven…we should have a Community Roundup every few months, maybe quarterly to coincide with StopMoShorts…Someone can have a gavel, and we can all say things like ‘here-here’ and talk about who has the floor…
    Thanks for the ‘publicity’ 🙂 and good luck with your further film fest submissions!

  4. Hey Jeffrey, quit fillibustering!

    Good overview Grant…. I was starting to wonder when we’d see another update over here! Almost thought it was time for an intervention.

  5. You’re welcome everyone. I’m busy with stuff but I wanted to keep posting so I thought a “community” category would be a good experiment.

    There was other stuff I left out due to time but maybe I’ll revisit it later in another community roundup. One topic was Lio’s recent posts about how the web can empower artists in distributing their work and building an audience. I think that idea may be related to something Shelley was thinking about recently.

  6. Oooo, I’ll have to go check out LIO’s page now, thanks. And YES, I have indeed been gathering evidence for my case to present to you lot about just that subject!

  7. I couldn’t find anything on LIO’s page. You said it was a recent post? Does he have a blog that I don’t know about?


    Currently, it is the first two posts dated 07.15.06 and 07.08.06.

  9. Oh, I didn’t see them when I looked before, where was I? Thank you, Grant.

  10. Thanks Grant, you finally got me to look into the RSS feed thing. I have been meaning to do that for months, great time saver why did I wait so long.