• Animation Communities: Atlanta and Beyond

    I recently attended a meeting of animators in the Atlanta area in a get together called “The Atlanta Animation Workshop“. As I recall there were more than 20 people in attendance and various works in progress, student works, and other animations were being screened. Members and guests come from all schools of animation so CGI, 2-D, and stopmo are all present. There seemed to be a lot of interest from the participants in forming a more active community of animation talent in the area. I won’t be able to make the January meeting but plan to attend the one in February.

    The workshop is hosted by Karl Sigler who is an animator in Atlanta. His site, Between the Frames, is a production blog with photos and info for his stop motion films.

    Speaking of production blogs, Justin Rasch now has a blog called Stop MOTION Mission. I have links to these production blogs (and other animation sites) in my list on the side of this page. That list keeps growing too…I may have to think about how to better organize them in the future.