2010 Independent Stop Motion Animation: Year in Review

Some highlights of stop motion animator projects from the past year. If you finished an animated film, are starting one in 2011 or have news that I overlooked let me know so I can add it to the list.

  • Justin and Shel continued to work on their next animated film, posting great photos and videos of their progress. Their other film, Gerald’s Last Day (which is now available on DVD for purchase) played in festivals winning many awards!
  • Ron helped organize a Ray Harryhausen birthday tribute consisting of animated clips by stop motion animators. He also posted the trailer for Sinbad which will utilize his talents as an animator. His film “In the Fall of Gravity” is available on DVD for purchase at IndieFlix.
  • Shelley continued work on the Halfland project (reporting 97% completion of the sets)!
  • Michael was busy with several projects including WON TON BABY, Never Sleep Again and a music video by the Dan Band.
  • Jeffrey sculpted puppets and created short animations of a Mermaid and Seaclops. He also continued work on the Unearthed project.
  • Sven’s plays The Buried Piano and The Astronaut & The Nude were performed live. He also explored the replacement face technique for animated lip sync and posted behind-the-scenes info and a video of the result. He also blogged details of his armature construction process and was involved with he H.P. Lovecraft Historical Society film “Whisperer in the Darkness”! Finally, Sven created a short experimental film titled “Mutate” which played in several festivals.
  • Mike took a sabbatical from the online world…but returned in late 2010!
  • Justin’s film, Ticks, looks like it will be collaboration with Steven Lapcevic!
  • Don continued work on “Blue Alien Summer” and posted behind the scenes photos and other production information on his blog.
  • My film “MIRROR” played at the Montreal Stop Motion Animation Festival!
  • Many other activities and knowledge sharing took place which indicate that stop motion is alive and well! ( See also: stopomotionanimation.com )