2008 Independent Animation Review

Really cool animation-related news that took place in 2008.

  • Karl finished My Uncle’s Dental Health. Congrats Karl! I’m very much looking forward to his latest project (using binder clips – brilliant IMO) called Saint Ignatius the Beneficent.
  • Justin and Shel finished Gerald’s Last Day. Can’t wait to see it since they get a gold star for behind-the-scenes coverage with their blog, photos, and video postings.
  • Ron finished In the Fall of Gravity which I definitely want to see. OMG, he is also tinkering with 3D…check out is youtube channel!
  • Shelley continues with the Halfland project creating sets and details of beauty. Another gold star for production coverage with her tweets and blog.
  • Michael completed more of his Amberson’s series and also worked on the Mythic Journeys project…which looks fantastic!
  • Jeffrey continued to make progress on Unearthed which has great cinematography and lighting among other things. Check out the clips he’s posted thus far. He pushed through with his creative work in spite of mother nature’s decision to send more liquid wrath in his general direction!
  • Sven had his Monster Month book release party and also continued with creative animations…teasing us with experimental “landscape” animations…like that leaf or that ball…I want to see more! Look for his Let Sleeping Gods Lie project to pick back up in 2009!
  • Mike continued to provide instruction and share knowledge in animation/film via his blog and the forums. Now, if we could just see some animation…just a little bit…with those puppets!
  • Tak apparently continues to get contacted about Death of Matriarch screenings. He did mention another possible project that he might do which would be really…really…cool.
  • Justin held a fund-raising event for his next project Ticks. I’ll be very interested to see how that turns out. The teaser clip intrigues me. You can see his other films online!
  • Don finished three stopmo films in 2008! Storytime With Pram, Barrier, and Ether B.
  • Thank the stopmo gods that Lio finally got RSS feeds for stopmoworks (at least I only found out about it in 2008). Now I can catch up on his rants easier by using Google reader!
  • I finished Vitruvius and the pixels are resting silently on hard drives while I reflect on my three animations to date (Man Drawing, Sword, and Vitruvius) to determine what directions I want to pursue next.
  • If you finished an animated film or are starting one in 2009 or have news that I overlooked let me know so I can add it to the list.

6 responses to “2008 Independent Animation Review”

  1. That’s terribly kind of you to make such a clear year-end review, Grant. Thank you for including my project in your round-up. Here’s to a fantastic year for everyone!

  2. Sweet round-up, bro! Thanks! 🙂

    I can’t wait to see what direction(s) you’re heading in next (and I especially can’t wait to see Vitruvius)…I have a feeling ’09 will be a big one for us all…

  3. Yeah, those Radkins are itching to move around!!! They’ve been prisoners too long… it’s time to set them in motion. This will be the year….

  4. Excellent review! It’s warming to be remembered — particularly given the usual isolation of an animator… And for projects that aren’t even completed yet, no less! Astounding!

    Thank you so much for the kindness, Grant. 🙂

  5. Hi Grant,

    I made three films in 2008! Storytime With Pram, Barrier, and Ether B (in chronological order). Now working on a fourth, although I made several shorts in high schoo (middle 90’s), so it’s more like my 8th short.

  6. Thanks Don. I added your accomplishments to the list!