Vitruvius Update: February 2008


No Serlio, we are not done yet. I have finally got all the footage in order with a couple of proxy files [apparently that is the acceptable term for what I described previously] for editing in Vegas. The main sections of music have been recorded. Audio tracks and foley/effects work still remain.

Another facet of this project has been to review the footage with a few rough cuts based on story board ideas from years ago. Indeed, Vitruvius is a project going back quite a bit and I’ll probably write about those details once the film is done. Some shots and scenes seems to be working while other sequences are not as definite. And so the editing begins, which for me is the ultimate “writing” activity of the film. I’ve started work on several test cuts of the film to determine where sections fall into place…and possibly where some things will get cut completely.

In other news, I’ve started brainstorming for several future projects and doing test shots with an HV20 for my next stopmo experiment.