Tesseracting: Gabriel Shalom’s Hypercubist Cinema

After watching a pretty amazing Adobe R&D video on vimeo, I browsed through the comments and stumbled upon this:

“There is totally a better word: Tesseracting. Because what you are developing at Adobe is a prototypical system for frameless, hypercubist cinema. I write a blog on the future of cinema and your tool fits nicely into my forecasting of the end of the celluloid-influenced paradigm of flat video frames, transforming them into hypercubes. -Gabriel Shalom”

The Quantum Cinema blog is now in my google reader…I’m quite excited!

Bonus link:MIT’s Center for Future Storytelling

One response to “Tesseracting: Gabriel Shalom’s Hypercubist Cinema”

  1. I’m so glad you posted about this, Grant. I caught that too, thanks to you. The four-eyed monster analysis clip in Gabrial’s post is worth it’s weight in gold, if a clip could weigh 1,000lbs. It’s a Whole. New. World.