Script Frenzy: Week 3

Seventy-six pages done!

I continue to write my script non-linearly. As one scene is written, the dialogue or descriptions will spark ideas that are incorporated into other scenes. Celtx has an index card view that lets you drag-and-drop scenes anywhere in the script. It is a great feature and is similar to moving video clips around in an editing timeline.

This week, I caught up on twitter and the screnzy forums since other scriptfrenzy writers are sharing their experiences online. It’s comforting to know that other writers in the screnzy have those “brick-wall” moments that I’ve had. The moments when the script feels like it has stalled.

I usually start a writing session by skimming over everything in the script so far and looking for the parts that interest me at the time and need more work. I just jump in the script and start building it out further, whether it is page 2, 20 or 40. Still, I spent time through the week thinking of specific scenes but also the overall screenplay to see what was coming together and where the holes (and there are lots of them) are located!

I may have found an organizing concept to help inform the overall structure of the screenplay. I really like to build internal rules in my experimental animations that help synthesize form and content. For example, one of the principles I’m toying with in the script is “vibration”. Therefore, a lot of scenes, details and dialogue will incorporate vibratory elements. I’ll also attempt to incorporate vibration into the formalistic aspects of the “film” via sound effects, camera work, and other editing or pacing instructions. I suppose a pure script wouldn’t have directorial details, but I feel adherence to the internal rules are important for the integrity of the work.