Script Frenzy: Week 2

I made it past page 50 this week for Script Frenzy! I spent some time this weekend using MindMeister which helps since I dove right in on April 1st with no real character or plot outlines. So far, the combination of mind-mapping in MindMeister and writing the script in Celtx seems promising.

The mind map for the film has the characters and relationships on the left and the film outline (acts, plot, structure) on the right. It was nice to be able to brainstorm things visually and freely move things around which should help with writing the next 50 pages. I’m still working non-linearly, writing blocks of scenes for the different acts at different times as more details come to mind.

Writing a (good) feature is not easy! I’m typically work on short-form projects, so having to craft a story that can sustain and engage the audience over 100 pages is a big challenge. The exercise itself helps me appreciate the talent and skill that good screenwriters have! My script has so many issues right now, but I’m pressing on.