Lincoln (2009)


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  • Synopsis: The supernatural trial and judgement of John Wilkes Booth for the assassination of Abraham Lincoln.
  • Running Time: 3:42
  • Format: NTSC, 1.77:1, Black & White
  • Audio: Mono
  • Genres: Animation, Computer Animation, Experimental
  • Location: Atlanta, GA, U.S.A.
  • Producer, Writer, Director: Grant Goans
  • Music: Grant Goans (Variations on “Dixie” by Daniel Decatur Emmett)
  • Completed: May 2009
  • Background: Lincoln was animated in 2002 as a CGI experimental project. It never coalesced into something satisfactory for me. The idea was to merge the alleged supernatural interests of Mary Todd Lincoln with a trial (set as a play in the hereafter) for the assassination of Lincoln. In 2009, I composed variations of the song Dixie (supposedly one of Lincoln’s favorite songs) using Sibelius Music Composition software for the musical score and assembled this final edit. – G. Goans 2011