• Building An Easel – For Painting and Set Design

    I sometimes paint on canvas with acrylics. The big easels at the art store always grab my attention but they can cost a large sum of money. Some time ago I stumbled across this web site with plans on how to build your own easel with 2×4’s. The advantage is that you can build an easel to accommodate huge canvases as well.

    I built my easel with 1×3’s but if I had a lager studio I would probably invest a weekend or two in building some 2×4 versions. Here is a pic of my easel.


    Now, this sort of relates to my animation project because the easel not only allows me to paint a 60″ backdrop but it also can support it vertically behind the set since it has adjustable angles and shelf supports from about 12″ off the ground all the way up to the top which is about 8 feet high. (View a pic of my early set design test and you can just make out the easel holding the backdrop for the sky).

    Just passing it along for any stopmo/painters out there or if someone can use the plans as a foundation to modify it for set designs.