Atlanta Film Festival News – Opening Night and Puppet Screening

I went to the opening night event and got my filmmaker badge and the program. Tonight is a screening at the Center for Puppetry Arts called “Handmade Puppet Dreams” which I plan to attend unless it has sold out since I didn’t know about it until last night.

Before the event there are tables out in the lobby with handouts, programs, and other goodies. I did notice that some films (including the stopmo film Ichthys from Poland) had postcards and flyers. Very similar to miniature movie posters. I collected a handful for reference since they help “sell” the films and look really nice. I didn’t make any materials like that for my film but will probably consider it in the future. I particularly like the Ichthys (view the film makers site) flyer since it is printed on card stock and has a mix of contact info, production info, goals, inspirations, and story of the film, the biography of the director, and selected shots from the film. I can see how that would work well since it is a single document that can be used as both a press kit and also as a flyer/poster to advertise the film. Here is what it looks like:

photo photo

They used a camera from the 1930’s. I can’t wait to see it later in the week and the puppet films tonight.

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  1. Coolness…yeah, the flyer is a great idea…is it too late for you to do one? I enjoyed handing out my Blog business cards at Red Stick, even went vigilante with some of them, left them in stacks on counters, theatre seats etc. Going to send a few when I mail out those woodcuts this week (delays, delays)…

    Have fun at the screening, and good luck!

  2. Mmmmmm, Polska Filmowa!! Those puppet film clips were delicious!! Such activity swirling around stop motion! And you’re in the middle of it! Congratulations!

  3. I may explore printing postcards. Business cards are a good alternative for promotion and contact info especially for a short work like mine, thanks for the idea Uba. It’s been fun so far. Ditto on the mmmmmmm, Shelley. I can’t wait to see both Ichthys and the Wraith of Cobble Hill.

  4. DG says, “I may explore printing postcards.”

    Or Buttons!

    Full color post cards are not that expensive, you can do short runs at Kinko’s or longer runs through wholesale printing places pretty cheap.

    So how did the screening go?
    I visited the puppet center a few years back; they have a nice museum with puppets from all over the world. No stop motion stuff as I recall, but I really liked some of their old Punch and Judy puppets.

    Unless I am mixing them up with someplace else. Don’t they have a giant Pinocchio coming down through he ceiling?

  5. Oh yes, the button option is also a good one. [DG nods to Shelley from across the blogoshpere.]

    My film screens with a group of other animations, including Ichthys, on June 15th.

    I need to add a posting about the Puppet Dreams screening from last night which was hosted by Jim Henson’s daughter. Pretty cool.

    You are correct about the Center which has a small museum with puppets and some prototype masks from Taymor’s Lion King. They have a fairly large exhibit on the world of puppetry with the big Pinocchio foot coming through the ceiling. One of the more interesting things they do each year is the XPT (experimental puppet theater) event which is usually quite good and has including animated films for the past few seasons I believe.

  6. Isn’t it incredible that so much of puppetry and stop motion are right where you live, DG?! I wonder which came first, your interest in it and you found yourself lucky to be in the midst of a hive of it, or whether your interest was initially sparked by seeing it around you?

    I can see you nodding from here.