• Hi-Def Production Workflow…Without a Supercomputer

    I had an interesting email exchange with J. Roche regarding non-linear editing using Sony Vegas and wrote down what I do when editing a film. My goal is to output DVD or HD-DVD resolution projects while also being able to edit that project using very small file sizes.


    The result is:

    • improved performance of the computer and editing software
    • clear views and smoother playback of the film
    • ability to see each frame clearly in sync with the audio track(s)

    In Sony Vegas I am using the following settings to make NTSC, HD, and HD Image Sequence backups:

    • .avi – NTSC DV Widescreen 24p (2-3-3-2 pulldown) and Audio is PCM Uncompressed
    • .avi – CineForm HD Codec V2.1, HDV 720 (1280×720) with a frame rate of 24fps and Audio is PCM Uncompressed
    • .avi – UPDATE NOTE: I have since switched to making a 720P uncompressed 24P file and using that to make a compressed 720P and associated proxy file. Once I get ready to render I swap proxy file back to the uncompressed to keep the number of times the footage is compressed before it goes to DVD to a minimum.
    • .jpg – I also export an image sequence of the entire film at 1280×720 so I can import those image frames into any editor down the road at HD resolutions